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Digimarc SDKs

The Digimarc software development kits (SDKs) provide programmatic access to the core features of the Digimarc Platform. Third-party applications can use these development kits to automate the tasks associated with embedding Digimarc Barcodes in media to create enhanced media, creating a link between the enhanced media and the related content, detecting the Digimarc Barcode within the enhanced media, and providing embedded data, and the links and metadata associated with it.

Digimarc Mobile SDK

The Digimarc Mobile SDK enables a mobile device (iOS or Android) for multi modal detection of Digimarc Barcodes in visual and audio content sensed from the device’s camera and microphone. It can also read the most common barcodes used in retail including UPC, EAN, and ITF. It also provides functionality to retrieve a link (e.g., the link established with the Print & Audio module, Packaging module, or Services API) and metadata associated with a payload extracted from these data carriers.

Digimarc Client Embedder SDK

The Client Embedder SDK provides client-side applications access to the core features of the Digimarc Platform by way of the Digimarc Services API without the overhead of managing HTTP requests and responses. Through the DCE SDK, an application can programmatically create Digimarc Barcodes and embed them into digital media, whether in online or offline operating mode.

Digimarc Embedded Systems SDK

The Embedded Systems SDK enables retail point-of-sale scanners, handheld barcode scanners, fixed-camera systems, and image processing software to reliably and efficiently detect Digimarc Barcode in packaging and labels.

Digimarc Label SDK

The Label SDK enables the generation Digimarc Barcode in the form of a light pattern of unobtrusive dots and can be integrated in hardware or software used for printing labels, tags, and direct-to-corrugate, common in retail and supply chain applications.

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