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Digimarc for Packaging Extension for Adobe Illustrator

Instructions (PDF)

The Digimarc for Packaging extension is intended only for premedia professionals who have been trained in the enhancement process by Digimarc, and users will also need a Digimarc user account with packaging permissions enabled to use the tool once it is installed in Adobe Illustrator.

Users may apply Digimarc Barcode to elements of artwork in an Adobe Illustrator file and easily review a record of enhancement steps, which are also saved in the file metadata. This persistent history record enables premedia professionals to rapidly revise or replicate enhancement steps. The extension also includes a color advisor pane that provides users with important information about the most optimal color combinations to support Digimarc Barcode.

Operating Requirements

  • Adobe Illustrator 2021 or newer
  • Operating System: macOS 12 (Monterey), macOS 13 (Ventura)
  • CPU: Multicore Intel processor with 64-bit support or Apple M1 processor
  • RAM: 16GB recommended
  • Disk Space: 100MB
  • Internet connection and a My.Digimarc account

Additional Info

  • Added support for 150 WPI and 75 WPI spot color enhancement recommendations. The WPI used in Color Advisor reflects the WPI of the active document. If no WPI is applied, Color Advisor defaults to the last WPI applied to a file.
  • Enhancement recommendations are now generated from the 2019 PANTONE + Solid Coated/Uncoated and Pastels & Neons Coated books.

Version History


  • Adobe Illustrator Extension now supports systems with ARM processors, including Mac Silicon (M1 or M2), so users will no longer need Rosetta to run the extension.
  • The Adobe Illustrator extension now supports enhancement with secure digital watermarks. Contact Digimarc to learn more about this advanced feature.
  • The word "Barcode" was removed or replaced by "Watermark" in the user interface when referring to the terms below:
    • Search
    • Resolution
    • Details
  • The Adobe Illustrator extension now has an in-app sign-in screen.
  • The Search functionality has changed. You can now search for enhancement jobs by Job ID, Job Name, or the GTIN, UPC-E, or GIAI number.
  • You can now change the digital watermark during the enhancement process.
  • You can now rename elements in the dashboard.


After signing in, Digimarc for Packaging automatically checks if an update to the extension is available. There are two kinds of updates:

  • Optional: If an optional update is available, you will see a message across the bottom of the Barcode Search window. Click Update Now to install the new version.
  • Required: If a required update is available, you will not be able to proceed to the Barcode Search window until you have installed the update. You must click Update Now to install the new version.


  • Updated EULA around data gathering.
  • Barcode Search
    • UPC-A, EAN-8, and EAN-13 will not require pre-padded zeroes for searching.
  • Barcode Search Results
    • If the searched barcode has multiple jobs associated, the Barcode Search Results will list all available Jobs. The user must choose one Job to continue to enhancement.
    • These Jobs are created and updated through
    • If there is only one Job found by the GTIN search, the user will be directed to the Barcode Details to review the information associated with the Job.
  • Barcode Details
    • Barcode Details now include the fields for Custom Data (if applicable), Job ID (if applicable), and Job Name
  • Data migration
    • All previously enhanced documents will undergo a data migration upon document opening
    • All documents associated with a service that has 2+ Jobs will require the user to choose one Job
      • For these cases, the DM layer/s will be deleted from the document, placing all enhanced elements into a reverted state. User will be required to re-enhance to generate new DM layers.
    • If a service only has one Job associated, the user will be directed to Barcode Details. DM layers will remain unaffected.
  • Packaging + Custom Data services
    • Each Job can only have one Custom Data payload.
    • The Custom Data associated with the Job chosen for the document will be the Custom Data payload used for every enhancement.
    • Custom Data name and value are visible in the Enhancement Options modal for each enhancement pass.
    • To change or update Job information, please visit
  • Learn More: Reasons a user can encounter an error message relating to a Job
    • Error Message: “Custom Data payload has been updated.”
      • What does this error mean? The Custom Data payload associated with the Job has been updated to a different Custom Data payload.
      • How did this happen? Any Digimarc user that has access to the Account could have performed this action through Most likely, the Account Administrator was correcting a mistake after they linked the Job to the wrong Custom Data payload.
      • Can it be resolved? Yes! When the user moves to the Dashboard after encountering this error, any enhanced elements will present an error in the Dashboard and all DM layers will be deleted. To restore the elements, double-click each pass to re-apply the enhancements. The previous parameters have been saved in the Dashboard for seamless re-creation of new DM layers.
      • Impact: Only enhanced elements will be affected by this account update. Once all enhanced elements have been re-enhanced and no errors remain in the Dashboard, no further action is required.
    • Error Message: “The Job previously assigned to this document has been removed from the service. This document is no longer eligible for enhancement.”
      • What does this error mean? The Job or Custom Data associated with this document has been deleted from the Digimarc Barcode service.
      • How did this happen? Any Digimarc user that has access to the Account could have performed this action through
      • Can it be resolved? Unfortunately, no. Deleting a Job or Custom Data is a destructive action that cannot be undone. To avoid this issue, refrain from deleting existing Jobs or Custom Data entries from
      • Impact: All documents that have previously been enhanced using the (now) deleted Job or Custom Data can no longer be enhanced since the Digimarc Barcode data has been permanently deleted from the service.
  • Enhancement data is captured using Telemetry.


  • Added support for enhancement of linked or embedded TIF, EPS, JPG, PSD, PNG, and vector artwork files without embedding or rasterizing the original artwork elements.
  • Note: The following image types cannot be enhanced:
    • Any non-grouped single channel object with a Gradient or Gradient Mesh
    • Any non-grouped object with an Illustrator or Photoshop Effect
  • Added support for enhancement of multiple objects with one dashboard element. To enhance multiple objects at once, target each layer or group, press Command + G to group them together, and then add the group to the Dashboard. When you add a group to the dashboard and enhance it, the _DM layer includes an enhanced, rasterized copy of all the layers in the group. The original group is unaffected. Once a group is added to the dashboard, no other layers within that group can be individually added for additional enhancement.
  • Added a new Element Options window to support Auto-Clipping Masks for vector objects. To apply the Auto-Clipping Mask, select a vector element from the Dashboard and click the pencil icon to open the Element Options window. Select Apply Clipping Mask and click Apply to create a vector outline path for cleaner, less pixelated artwork. This creates a new clip group containing the clipping path layer and the enhanced (DM) layer. The clipping path automatically clips the DM layer to remove the pixelated raster edge from the rasterization process. If this option is turned off later, the clipping path layer is deleted and the DM layer is removed from the clip group.
  • Added support for Dashboard Errors. In general, after an object is enhanced, if you make any of the following types of changes to the original object the associated element in the Dashboard will show an error:
    • Change an object’s position on the artboard
    • Change a fill or stroke color
    • Delete an object
    • Re-size an object
    • Update an opacity mask
    • Update a linked file
    • Add or remove an object from a group
  • To resolve an error, remove or update all enhancements from the Dashboard.


  • Support for macOS 10.15 (Catalina) and Illustrator 2020 (24.x)
  • Channel mapping: Available non-process colors can now be used in the place of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, or Black in a Multi-Channel technique for optimal enhancement
    • Note: This is an advanced feature and is recommended for use by experienced enhancers with specific training from Digimarc!
  • Color chips: Icons on the Dashboard and Enhancement Options now reflect the actual color of the separations used in each technique
  • Minimum dot improvements:
    • Min Dot % and Blend Mode settings now persist between techniques for each job, saving clicks and time
    • Resolves an issue where CMYK and MYK techniques did not honor Min Dot settings for Black

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