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Best Practices for Managing Watermarked Art Files | Print Management and Verification

09 April 2021

Retrieve your enhanced files

Your file is now ready for your review.

Please do NOT modify these files in any way:

  • Do NOT compress a file.
  • Do NOT change colors.
  • Do NOT change document file formats.
  • Do NOT rescale image sizes or package dimensions.
  • Do NOT use any part of this enhanced artwork with any other package. This can be the same as mixing traditional 1D barcodes on different packages.

NOTE: Altering final Digimarc art files can compromise detection of Digimarc Watermarks.

Create new plates

Prepare all new printing plates for each print run.

  • Do NOT use common artwork components when plating.
  • Do NOT reuse previous art.
  • Do NOT reuse plates from different packages.


NOTE: New printing plates ensure success. Each package redesign requires new printing plates – even on product packaging with nearly identical appearance (e.g., caffeinated vs. decaffeinated coffee). Failure to create new plates may result in product packages that contain incorrect GTIN information, causing problems at retail.

Print proofs and test detection

  • Test Digimarc Watermark detection on page proofs with the Digimarc Mobile Verify app.
  • For Point of Sale use cases, test detection with a point-of-sale (POS) scanner or other relevant scanning hardware.

NOTE: Assess your package. Check that the GTIN is correct, and carefully review several areas of the package to ensure that only the correct GTIN is present. Sharing plates between SKUs can result in packages that register as two different products at retail checkout. You must avoid this possibility.

Perform press check

  • Conduct the initial press check and then test detection.
    • Review proofs for print quality.
    • Verify Digimarc Barcode detection.
    • Ensure post-scan experience works properly.
  • Test detection on all subsequent print runs.
    • Verify Digimarc Barcode detection.
    • Ensure post-scan experience works properly.

For details, please refer to Ensuring the Accuracy of Digimarc Barcode and Digimarc Verify for iOS.

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