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How To Use the Web Browser to Encode & Read Images

08 July 2022 71 Views

The Guardian Web Browser UI is used to encode and read images.

Step 1: Navigate to the Guardian web browser portal. Your Client ID and PIN is automatically entered. (Note: your Guardian sign in credentials are separate from your credentials. Guardian credentials should have been provided to you during onboarding, so if you are having trouble with signing in, you may need to create a support ticket).

Step 2: Click Digimarc for Digital Images.

Step 3: Click Interactive DDI Tool.

Step 4: Choose one of the three modes – Single, Batch, or Wizard. Single mode is the default. Batch and Wizard modes achieve the same results, but Wizard mode has more information about the fields to be filled in. The following steps demonstrate Wizard mode.

Step 5: Click Browse Files. Wizard mode walks you through the steps.

Step 6: Select the files/images to encode, and then click Open.

Step 7: Select the images to enhance by clicking the check marks on the left, and then click Next. You can also select items and click Delete to remove them.

Step 8: Configure payload options:

Step 9: Configure Enhancement Options:

Step 10: Enhance the files. Make sure the files to be enhanced are selected on the left-hand side. The File Status column indicates whether Embed Completed or Embed Failed. If a file error is shown, there could be an issue with the image. See the best practice guidelines for tips and try using a different copy of the image.

Step 11: Click Download Zip File to download the enhanced images.

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