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Premedia & Printer Requirements | Receiving files with Digimarc Barcode

10 April 2021 2046 Views

Review the Digimarc Barcode Enhancement Report

This report will provide information about the details of the job, indicate which inks/separations have been enhanced, display a coverage detection map of the elements that include Digimarc Barcode, and provide you with an overview of the QC procedures done prior to and following enhancement.

Inspect for file integrity

Part of the premedia QC process for releasing an enhanced job is to inspect the file with Digimarc Verify – Desktop to ensure that the barcode GTIN data is accurate and that no elements have been added, removed or changed before imaging plates and printing the job.

DO NOT change the file, the design or any element within the job in any way. Any change to the digital file requires consultation with the file provider. Specifically:

Do not color correct the file. Color correcting the file could compromise the scanning performance of Digimarc Barcode or make Digimarc Barcode visible at unacceptable color levels.

Do not introduce any new elements to the file. Adding or modifying elements to the job may also compromise the scanning performance of Digimarc Barcode.

NOTICE: We recommend that printers only use locked files and do not modify color separations. It is important that you proof the job for color integrity.


When it comes to proofing a job that has been enhanced with Digimarc Barcode, today's professional inkjet proofing solutions can visually predict the appearance of Digimarc Barcode within the packaging file and should be used as a reference to the final print. Similar to traditional 1D barcodes (EAN/UPC), the performance of Digimarc Barcode must be confirmed on the final print.

As part of the enhancement process, each job is proofed before and after the enhancement is done. Because an International Color Consortium (ICC), or proprietary color Look-Up Table (LUT), source profile is used in the proofing process, a color-accurate proof is used to visually approve the job once it's enhanced.

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