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19 September 2023

Frequently asked questions for Digimarc Validate

Q: Can anyone use Digimarc Validate?

A: From novice tech users to expert gurus, Digimarc Validate can be used by anyone looking to protect their digital assets. Our web app doesn’t require any programming knowledge or downloads, so getting started is easy.

Q: How does your technology work?

A: Validate adds a robust and invisible identifier, a SAFE™ digital watermark, to your images. Digimarc pioneered this technology almost 3 decades ago, so we know a lot about how it works. Data carried by the watermark helps link the image back to you, the owner or license-holder. Read more about how Validate helps identify and protect your assets.

Q: When should I protect my digital content?

A: Every time you distribute or publish your valuable new digital content without a digital watermark it is unprotected, and you are forever leaving that content at risk of misuse and theft.

Digimarc recommends you watermark your assets before you use them online (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, personal sites, etc.). You can customize each asset for attribution to individual channels so it’s easier to identify where your images are being acquired.

Best Practice Tip: watermark your assets as the last step before uploading. Also, watermark each asset variance (1080x1080, 1920x1080, 1080x1920, and so on) since some platforms may resize or crop your images after you upload.

Q: How is my subscription usage calculated?

A: Each time you use Validate to watermark an image it will count towards your subscription usage. If you watermark the same image multiple times for different platforms, each one will count toward your subscription usage.

Q: Will I be charged for content outside of my subscription limit?

A: If you exceed your subscription limits, you may receive a notification from us. We reserve the right to adjust your subscription tier if you exceed the specified number of protected images.

Q: What type of digital assets are compatible with Validate?

A: Right now, you can apply watermarks to images. Validate supports most popular image formats: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WebP, and BMP. Stay tuned for audio and video solutions.

Q: Is there a Photoshop Plug-in for Validate?

A: We are focused on building out our web-based watermarking tools and don’t have plans to update the Photoshop Plug-in.

Q: Can I cancel anytime?

A: Yes. You can continue to use the Validate service until the end of the billing cycle (month or year, depending on subscription type).

Please submit cancellation requests via at least 5 days prior to your next billing cycle.

Q: What happens to my content if I cancel my subscription?

A: Because watermarks are part of the image, they will remain even after your subscription ends. You will no longer be able to use Validate to watermark new content or read existing watermarks unless you resubscribe.

Q: What happens if my content is stolen?

A: Validate helps you protect your images and establish ownership in advance. The watermark helps identify use of your images online. If unauthorized use is detected, it facilitates providing notice to the individual or organization using your content.

Q: Can I expect additional benefits beyond digital copyright protection?

A: Digital copyright protection is an imperative in a Gen AI world. But there is so much more future value that can be realized from using Digimarc Validate to protect your content. In the future, your digital assets will make ecommerce transactions more trustworthy, email more secure, and social media a safer place, but just like with copyright protection, the ability to capture these benefits is gone once the assets have been distributed or published. We are hard at work on continuing to build value in Digimarc Validate and will be sure to share these updates as available, giving priority access to existing customers. We also continue to work with policy makers and standards bodies to ensure that the internet becomes as safe a space as it can be, and believe that our technology is foundational to a future wide-scale ecosystem of trust for digital media assets.

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