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How to Use the Chrome Extension for Reading Images

22 November 2023

Digimarc Validate can be used to identify digitally watermarked images on a web page.

The Validate tool doesn't ‘crawl’ entire sites. It's limited to the page you're viewing when you run the plug-in. The Validate Reader is a powerful solution enabling brands, rights holders, and digital-asset managers to better manage the use of images and other assets throughout the supply chain and across the internet. It empowers your in-house teams to run frictionless image-ID audits across any website to quickly scan for any images on the pages that contain your unique ID.

You can scan any web page. Try our test page to see how the extension works on watermarked images compared to unwatermarked images.

To get the plug-in:

  1. Sign in to My.Digimarc. If you don't have an account yet, see the Validate User Guide for instructions.
  2. In the Validate module, click Access Site to open the Validate web portal. Your ID and Account Status are displayed.
  3. In the upper-right corner of the page, click Downloads.
Digimarc Validate page with the Downloads menu highlighted
  1. From the Downloads page, click the link to download the Digimarc Validate Browser Reader. The Chrome Web Store opens to the Digimarc for Digital Images Reader page. Follow the prompts to complete the download. (Note: You must be signed into your user account with an active enterprise account to visit the downloads page.) 
Validate Downloads page showing the download button for the Chrome reader
  1. Optional: After the extension is installed, open the Chrome Extensions menu and click the Pin to easily access the extension from your browser bar.
  1. Navigate to the website to be scanned for watermarked images and click the Digimarc Reader extension icon ( Digimarc circle D logo icon ) in your browser bar or extensions drop-down list. If you've signed out of your Digimarc account, you're prompted to sign in. The Validate Reader opens. 
  2. Click Scan.
Validate reader window showing the scan button

Validate displays all images it finds in the Reader window.
Reader window showing results of a watermark scan
Columns shown by default are:

Additional columns are:
  • Page Url: The web location of the image.
  • Image Width: The width of the image in pixels.
  • Image Height: The height of the image in pixels.
  • Adult: Indicates whether the image contains adult content.
  • Restricted: Indicates whether the image contains a custom restriction that was set by the image owner.
  • Copy Protected: Indicates whether the image contains digital rights management (DRM) technology to protect against copyright infringement.
  • Fetch Time: The length of time Validate took to get the image.
  • Read Time: The length of time Validate took to scan the image for the presence of a watermark and read the contents of the watermark.
  1. To add or remove columns from the table, click the menu icon ( menu icon as vertical ellipses ) and enable or disable columns as needed.
  2. To filter the scan results, select values to include in the header row. For example, to see only watermarked images, select Yes in the header row for the Image Enhanced column.

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