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How to Use the Chrome Extension for Reading Images

07 July 2022 75 Views

Digimarc for Digital Images (DDI) Reader is used to identify watermarked images on the current web page.

The tool does not ‘crawl’ entire sites – it is limited to the page you are viewing. The DDI Reader is a powerful solution enabling brands, rights holders, and digital-asset managers to better manage the use of images and other assets throughout the supply chain and across the internet. It empowers your in-house teams to run frictionless image-ID audits across any website to quickly assess any images on the pages that contain your unique ID.

You can scan any web page, but our test site allows you to see how the extension works on watermarked images.

Step 1: From the Downloads page, click the link to download the Reader extension. The Chrome Web Store loads. Follow the prompts to complete the download. (Note: You must be signed into your user account with an active enterprise account to visit the downloads page.)


Step 2: After the extension is installed, go to the Chrome Extensions menu and click the Digimarc circle-D symbol. Click the Pin to easily access the extension from your browser bar.

Step 3: Sign in to your Digimarc account. (Note: the credentials required here are different than your user sign, and is provided during onboarding of our enterprise images service.)

Step 4: Navigate to the website to be checked for embedded images and click the Reader extension in your browser bar. The Reader opens. Click Scan. All found images display in the window below.

Step 5: The top row above the column shows the total number of images, watermarks found, and errors.

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