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Digimarc Packaging Module | Edit Package Details

19 January 2023

Account Admins and Group Admins can customize the mobile experience for users scanning with a Digimarc-enabled mobile app.

  1. From the Dashboard, click Manage Packages or click Packages from the top navigation bar. The Manage Packages page opens.
  2. Click a Package Name to open the package details page.
    Package details screen
  3. On the package details page you can:
    • Edit the watermark Name and Description.
    • Click the Date to toggle Auto Renew on or off. This automatically renews the use of this package for an additional year on the annual renewal date.
    • Add or remove a tag. See Managing Tags.
    • Add, edit, or remove enhancement jobs. Every package has at least one job.
    • Add a banner image to display on the mobile device when the package is scanned. Drag a banner image into the box, or click the box to find an image to import.
    • Edit the Web URL destination for the mobile experience. Enter the website address that opens for consumers who scan the package.
    • Edit the SmartLabel® URL. Enter a website address for the official SmartLabel® landing page.
    • Edit the Banner Headline and Banner Text. The banner headline and text provide a consumer call to action prior to displaying the full web page. The banner is displayed in the Digimarc Discover mobile application after a user scans the enhanced package.
    • Enter Custom Data:
      • Add a thumbnail image by dragging an image file into the box or by clicking the box to select an image to import. A thumbnail is useful to show a seasonal or regional variation for an item that has the same barcode number.
      • Edit the Web URL or SmartLabel URL related to the custom data. See Add Custom Data in the article Creating a Digimarc Barcode for more information about the Custom Data fields.
      • Click Add Data to add a custom data element
  4. Click Preview to see how the web page and banner appear on a variety of mobile devices. Open the Digimarc Discover app and aim your mobile devices at the blue test image.

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