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Digimarc Packaging Module | Managing Groups and Users

19 January 2023

Groups provide a way to define sets of packages that can be accessed only by members of that group. 

Managing Groups

On the Dashboard, click Manage Groups, or click Groups in the top navigation bar. 
Select Manage Groups on the Manage Users tile
The Manage Groups page opens.
Manage Groups
From the Manage Groups page, you can add a group, or edit or delete existing groups.

Managing Users

Account and Group Admins can invite new users or edit and delete existing users.

On the Dashboard, click Manage Users, or click Users in the top navigation bar.

Manage Users option

The Manage Users page opens.

Manage Users screen

From Manage Users, you can add a user, or edit or delete existing users.

Inviting New Users

If you have account admin credentials for your organization, you can invite other users to join the account.

  1. On the Dashboard, click Add User, or click Users from the top navigation bar to open the Manage Users page and then click Invite a User. The Invite User dialog opens.

    Invite User dialog

  2. In the Invite User dialog, enter the new user's Email Address, First Name, and Last Name, and select their Account Role and Group (if appropriate). Assign roles to users based on what they need to do:
    • Account Admin: Users assigned this role can create and edit users, groups, and digital watermarks in the account.
    • Group Admin: Users assigned this role can create and edit users and barcodes in the group they belong to.
    • Group Member: Users assigned this role are trained to enhance package artwork. Group members can edit and enhance packages for the group they are in.
  3. Optional: Enable Invite Another if you want to invite another user now. After you send the invitation, the form clears so you can fill in the next user's information.
  4. Click Send User Invite. The user receives an email with instructions on activating their account. Instruct them to follow the steps in Getting Access.

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