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Digimarc Validate

Best Practices Guide

Our Digimarc Validate best practices guide gives an introduction to digital watermarking your image files, covering a wide range of topics such as which image types watermarking will work best with, how to set watermark attributes, and how to embed a watermark with high survivability.

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How to Use the Crawl Reports

Get an overview of how to use the web crawl report and to help find unlicensed uses of your watermarked images.

Learn to use the crawl reports

Digimarc Validate User's Guide

Use our online web portal to encode images in batches and used the advanced features to create copies with unique transaction IDs.

Learn more about online encoding

How to Use the Chrome Extension for Reading Images

Use this walkthrough tutorial to learn about the features of the Digimarc Validate Chrome extension and how to use it to find infringing uses of your images on suspicious websites.

Using the Chrome extension

How to Use the Photoshop Plugin to Encode and Read Images

Get a walkthrough for how to use our Digimarc Validate Adobe Photoshop plug-in to embed watermarks in your images.

Plug-in walkthrough

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