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Digimarc Print & Audio Module | Digimarc Barcode for Audio

19 January 2023

You can apply Digimarc digital watermarks to .wav, .mp3, or .m4a audio files up to 150 MB.

To apply a Digimarc digital watermark to an audio file, upload a .wav, .mp3, or .m4a file (150 MB or less). Audio files with the .m4a extension must be encoded with the AAC-LC profile. The preferred file format is the .wav extension, which results in files with digital watermarks that can be read quickly and easily. The Digimarc Print & Audio module requires source audio files with commonly used sampling rates of 44.1kHz or 48kHz and with 16- or 24-bits per sample.

  1. From the main page, click New Digimarc Barcode.
  2. Click the Barcode Type drop-down and select Audio.
  3. If this barcode will be used for demonstration and testing purposes, enable This will be a Demo Barcode. Demo Barcodes are marked with “Demo” in the file details window and in the list view.
  4. Click Next.
    Select the Barcode Type
  5. Select the Project to add this Digimarc Barcode to. If you were already in a project when you clicked New Digimarc Barcode, you can click Use This Project or use the Search function to find an existing project.
    Select the project
  6. Click Next.
  7. Enter the information for the new digital watermark:
    • Click Select Audio to select an audio file from your system or drag and drop the file onto the icon.
    • Digimarc Barcode Name (required): Enter a title to help you easily locate this Digimarc digital watermark later. This title isn't visible to users scanning with a Digimarc-enabled mobile app.
    • Web Experience URL: Enter the URL you want this Digimarc digital watermark to connect to.
      NOTEDigimarc Discover delivers this URL when a digital watermark is scanned. If the app doesn't link to this URL, it might not be using Digimarc’s platform for web experiences. Contact the app developer if this occurs.
    • Banner Headline: This text appears in the mobile app after this Digimarc digital watermark is detected. It can be up to 256 characters long.
      NOTE: Digimarc Discover displays this headline when Digimarc digital watermark is scanned. If the app doesn't display the headline, contact the app developer. Developers can choose whether the information entered in the Print & Audio module is displayed in the user interface of their apps.
    • Description: Enter a description that provides details about this Digimarc Barcode. This is for your reference only.
      Enter the barcode details
  8. To enter multiple Digimarc digital watermark orders to the selected project, click Add Another. Another set of fields enables you to create additional digital watermarks as needed.
  9. Click Next to continue.
  10. To be charged on the annual renewal date automatically, enable Turn on Auto Renew for your account.
  11. Click Next.
  12. Review the details of your Digimarc digital watermark. When you're satisfied everything is correct, click Create. A confirmation is displayed and the file is enhanced. When the enhancement is complete, you're offered the enhanced file to download.
  13. Click Download File to save the enhanced file locally. You can also download the enhanced file from the project's page by positioning the cursor over the desired barcode and clicking the download icon.

You can now play back the enhanced file for testing with common mobile devices and in listening environments used by your audience.

TIP: Use the free Digimarc Discover® mobile application to test the Digimarc digital watermark. You can find more information about Digimarc Discover at the links below.

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