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Digimarc Print & Audio Module | Work with Portfolio

10 April 2021

If the Portfolio feature is turned on for your Digimarc Print & Audio Module account, account managers can create separate sections to group work together.

The Portfolio feature must be turned on by Digimarc. If Portfolios is turned on, account managers can create separate sections to group work together. A Portfolio is a set of projects that can only be accessed by members of a Portfolio. Members of other Portfolios cannot see the set of work in another Portfolio they do not have access to view.

  1. To view users within the Portfolio, from the top navigation bar, click My Account > Account Members.
  2. Assign users roles based on what they need to do. Click the Edit icon to choose the appropriate role:
    • Portfolio Editor: Members assigned this role can create projects, purchase and edit Digimarc Barcodes, including processing image and audio files. A portfolio editor can view account members, but cannot change them.
    • Portfolio Manager: Members assigned this role have all of the permissions of portfolio editors. In addition, they can also assign packaging permissions to members of the portfolio. A portfolio manager has the ability to invite others to join the account or portfolio. The default user role for an invited user is Portfolio Editor./li>

NOTE: The name of the portfolio is not displayed within the Digimarc Print & Audio Module. When a portfolio editor logs in to the Digimarc Print & Audio Module for the first time, there are no projects or tutorials. Once a new project or Digimarc Barcode is created, it is visible to each user within the portfolio.

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