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Premedia & Printer Requirements | Printing Files with Digimarc Barcode

10 April 2021 2224 Views

Digimarc Barcode is an advanced barcode that is implemented by applying a patterned graphic treatment to individual color separations in the artwork. This contrasting pattern carries product data, which can be scanned by enabled barcode scanners and smartphones. Digimarc Barcode is applied to print-ready, color-separated art files and is optimized for performance based on the printer specifications provided by the printer to the Digimarc enhancement partner. If you are unsure of the provided print specifications reach out to your enhancing partner.

Watch the Printer Quality Control video series to gain a deeper understanding of how to use Digimarc tools to perform the required quality control checks and data validation when printing jobs with Digimarc Barcode.

Download the Digimarc Barcode Test Press Sheet to get familiar with Enhancement techniques and to test Digimarc QC Tools.

Download the Digimarc Barcode Dry Offset Test Art

NOTICE: Files with Digimarc Barcode contain a unique code embedded in design elements in each enhanced separation. Linking to common enhanced design elements or leveraging common printing plates between similar package designs will result in multiple product codes on a single package and errors when scanned.

Digimarc provides a Digimarc Control Icon that is placed in the control marks of the artwork and used to visually confirm there is not a mismatch. Refer to the Digimarc Control Icon guide for further information.


Any of these items that are not followed may cause scanning issues and may require reprinting.

NOTICE: Printed areas of spot color that include Digimarc Barcode will appear to have a color change; please defer to the proof for visual appearance and refer to the control strip for measurement.

Additional Considerations

Packages with large areas of white ink, transparency or exposed substrate may require special treatments. Digimarc Barcode can be applied with a specially formulated spot varnish to encode these unique scenarios. Contact your file provider or Digimarc via our form at for more information.

Quality Checks For Digimarc Barcode

Printing Digimarc

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