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Premedia & Printer Requirements | Digimarc QC Details Legend

27 February 2024

Using the existing color legends placed in the digital file, Digimarc and enhancement providers add a Digimarc icon a over a color swatch to indicate which ink set/separations have been enhanced. The Digimarc QC Details Legend also offers a brief overview of the DCI as well as the Digimarc Verify mobile app, which are both detailed below.

Digimarc Control Icon (DCI)

Digimarc Barcodes are unique to individual color separations within a job. It is the practice in many package printing workflows to use common color separations and print plates for multiple product SKU designs. Color separations and corresponding printing plates that feature Digimarc Barcode CANNOT be common plates or design elements across multiple jobs.

The DCI is a simple visual registration mark used as a QC tool in print production to verify that common plates are not creating multiple GTIN product codes on a single package.

The DCI will appear as one of the following numbered dials (below) that represents the final number in the barcode. Contact your Digimarc enhancement provider with questions or concerns with common plate workflows or existing common plate inventory. Download the DCI file for inclusion on your contract proofs.

How the Legend Works

The Digimarc QC Details Legend is a key to indicate which channels or inks have been enhanced with Digimarc Barcode. This legend also illustrates the proper appearance of the DCI for the project. It must be printed in registration color.

The DCI is a small icon that looks like a clock face or sundial. The icon displays numbers between 1 and 10, which correspond to the check digit in the product’s EAN/UPC barcode–the final number at the far right of the barcode. The DCI is present on each printing plate and, like a registration mark, the icon should align when correct plates are used. A common plate mistake will result in misalignment of the DCI and will produce multiple product codes on a package. If a mismatch occurs, immediately stop printing and replace the incorrect plate.

Locating the Legend

The Digimarc QC Details Legend is located in the margins outside the crop marks, and the information is also found in the Digimarc Barcode Enhancement Report that should be supplied with the job files. The DCI is set to registration and is typically placed on a fold or flap that will not be visible to consumers on the final assembled package. It is often located with other standard print control patches. Download the Digimarc QC Details Legend file for inclusion on your contract proofs.

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