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Premedia & Printer Requirements | Quality Control Best Practices

09 May 2023

Similar to other print parameters monitored throughout a press run, Digimarc Barcode should be validated at regular intervals. For example, variables like color, ink density, dot gain, registration and image quality can potentially impact Digimarc Barcode performance. Digimarc provides a toolset to the printer along with best practices for validating and verifying Digimarc Barcode in print production.

Watch the Printer Quality Control video series to gain a deeper understanding of how to use Digimarc tools to perform the required quality control checks and data validation when printing jobs with Digimarc Barcode.

NOTICE: Digimarc Barcode applies product codes to individual design elements and color separations. Do not mix with similar files or plates, even on comparable jobs with common elements, as this may create a data accuracy problem in which multiple GTINs could be present, causing the package to scan improperly.


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