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Premedia & Printer Requirements | Quality Control Tools: Enhancement Report

27 February 2024

Following the enhancement of each art file, a Digimarc Barcode Enhancement Report is produced by analyzing the digital file with Digimarc Verify - Desktop (Mac and Windows). For printers, you may receive this document from the premedia agency. The important sections in this document for printers include “Barcode Verification,” “How to Quality Control Digimarc Barcode with the Validation Points Map” and “Inks with Digimarc Barcode.” Contact the premedia agency with questions.

This report communicates the file details, verification, colors, Validation Points map and additional information about the file. As with the Digimarc QC Details Legend, both references will communicate the inks/separations that now carry Digimarc Barcode. The report also offers a visual indication to the elements that have been enhanced and should be detectable by scanners.

This is an image of the front cover of the Digimarc Enhancement Report, which is generated by Digimarc Verify – Desktop.

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